Thirteen days of Halloween read aloud: “It’s A Good Life”

“It’s A Good Life” by Jerome Bixby

You may recognize this one from the Twilight Zone episode based on it. I love that episode–it has always been one of my favorites–but the story is infinitely creepier. And more depressing. Evil children are bad enough, but when the evil child in question is only three years old and a glimpse is given into his own mind and motivations … well.

It clocks in at 44:43, which is slightly ridiculous and means that I am failing spectacularly at my goal of keeping the stories actually short. I am sorry about that; I had every intention of doing my best to ensure that they would at least be short enough so as not to be the death of attention spans, but some were just too good to pass up. If it’s any consolation, it is terribly difficult to get a decent reading at this length, so none of us are struggling alone.

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