Thirteen days of Halloween read aloud: “Strawberry Spring”

“Strawberry Spring” by Stephen King

For the final day, Halloween itself, I could choose none other than the master himself. His body of work is very, very large and I love him so very, very much, so deciding on just one was terribly difficult. This is not the best of his short stories (although “Night Shift” is, in my humble opinion, his best short story collection), but it is one of my favorites. I love the vague, loving way it is written without ever showing anything explicitly, and, again, the way the last line gives it that little burst of extra creepy.

And so, with this story, my project comes to an end. I am a little sad, and unsure of what I will do with myself now that I won’t have recording to fill my time, but glad that the frustrating and neverending struggle for perfection is over. I have thoroughly enjoyed doing this and I hope that at least a few people have likewise enjoyed listening. Time to plan out a new project, now.

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