Me: a 28-year-old mentally ill bisexual witch, cat mom, daydreamer, writer, reader, gardener, sometimes singer, grandma-in-training, Pisces sun/Taurus moon/Leo rising, INFJ, Huffleclaw. Totally blind, white, cis (my pronouns are she/her). Stuck in Oklahoma, living in an old green house called the Merhouse with my best friend, Miranda, a black cat named Morpheus, a gray and white cat named Bandit, and Miranda’s black Lab guide dog, Magnus. I care about girls and media about them, explorations of how to live with/in a body, mental illness advocacy, diversity, and feelings. I like horror, young adult romance, folklore and fairy tales, magical realism, fanfiction, thrift stores, pop/hip-hop/folk music, Harry Potter, records and other hipster things, tea sets (but not tea), and autumn.


The blog: I don’t know. Book reviews, weekly gratitude posts, monthly roundups of music/movies/TV shows/books I’ve been enjoying, adventures in trying to be a functional blind adult while dealing with depression and generalized anxiety disorder, whatever I feel like sharing. Check the schedule for more specifics.


The rules: this is an intersectional space. Trans/nonbinary people, people of color, disabled people, lgbt people, etc are all welcome and celebrated here. No transphobia, homophobia, biphobia, sexism, cissexism, heterosexism, ablism, racism, misogyny, misogynoir, etc will be allowed in comments, and I’ll do my best to insure they don’t show up in posts, either. Please feel 100% free to call me out publicly or contact me to let me know if I mess something up. I want this to be a safe and comfortable space for all marginalized identities.